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How To Fix a Door That Squeaks or Doesn't Swing Smoothly

A door that doesn't swing smoothly when pushed may result from a few different causes. In any case, it should be fairly easy to remedy. If you swing a door and it stops or slows suddenly, it is probably binding at the hinges. If the door previously swung smoothly, then the cause is almost certainly a need for lubrication in the hinges. A squeaky door also results from binding hinges.

Lubricating the hinges usually requires nothing more than applying a few drops of household lubricating oil such as 3-in-1 or a spray like WD-40. Apply it to the hinge so that it can reach the hinge pin down the center and between the knuckles of the hinge plates.

Another cause can be improperly installed hinges. If the hinges are not parallel or they are twisted in relation to each other, they will fight each other as the door swings. The remedy is to determine which hinge or hinges are askew and reinstall them.

If the door jamb has twisted out of shape, that can be another reason the door will not operate smoothly. The door can be reinstalled to overcome the twist. However, a twisted door jamb suggests that the house is shifting more than is normal. It may be a signal of more serious problems and should be investigated.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any installation or repairs.

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