Home Security & Safety

Should I install an alarm system in my home? That is a common question and valid concern. Home alarm systems are not only important for the protection of your property but also for the safety of your family. Panic alarms, fire alarms, intrusion warnings all help you and the authorities to respond more quickly.

When remodeling a home, home security systems deserve to be just as much of the design process as the your home electrical system or wifi and communications systems. Home security, including surveillance cameras, window and door sensors, motion detectors, smoke and CO2 detectors and monitoring services, is an important but often neglected home improvement consideration. When handled as an afterthought to a home remodel, the security system is more expensive to install and potentially less thorough or at least less well integrated into your home.

To learn more about subjects like surveillance cameras, sensors, safes and panic rooms, read the linked articles or refer to the home security section for a complete list of related articles.

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