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Whether you are rebuilding, remodeling, updating or decorating, there are a lot of choices that have to be made. With all the products you'll be faced with, it'll be exhausting and frustrating sometimes to reach a decision. Nobody wants to make a bad decision, especially on an expensive purchase. While you might be able to return a product if you discover right away that you are unhappy with it, some problems don't become obvious right away. Once a product is installed, returning it may impossible or impractical.

There are so many products out there, all making their claims about how much time they will save you, or how much nicer your home will be if you buy what they are selling. You've probably bought something because it seemed like a good idea only to find that it really didn't work out so well. If only you could have read a review or the opinion of others who had bought it. Well, that is what you will find here.

We will continually review new and existing home improvement products. Plus, we want you to cast your vote on your satisfaction with products you have experience with. Share your opinion to help others make their decisions. Our reviews are based on our experience with a product. Whenever possible, we will install and use a product, and report back to you on the ease of installation, quality and clarity of instructions, overall product satisfaction, as well as any problems, pitfalls or special considerations. After we have had some more time using the product, we'll update our report with any new findings. What about our advertisers, you may ask? "Are you going to give a bad review if the product is made by one of your advertisers?" We'll present the facts, warts and all for your review. If the advertiser doesn't like it, maybe they'll see fit to make improvements in their product. Plus your votes will tell other readers whether we are on track with our reviews.

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