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We Want to See Your Home Improvement Projects

What have you done around the home that you would like to show off? If you'd like to share with the world your home improvement project, we'd love to hear from you.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Ideally, you have photos you took throughout the various stages of your project. If not, before and after shots are good too. Maybe even just the completed project photos will do.

If we use your project on ACME, we will feature your project here in the ACME DIY project section and we'll send you a free AcmeDIY hat.

You don't have to be a writer, give us some basic information and we can write the article for you. Or, if you like, write it up and we'll just edit whatever you send in. You don't need to provide step by step instructions, just some highlight details and maybe some tips from your experience. Photos are a must, send digital photos or scan your pictures and send the scanned files.

All submitted materials become the property of Acme, Inc. and will not be returned. Submission of materials is an agreement to release all publication and use rights to Acme, Inc., its companies and assignees.

to send us your project details and photos. Give us a description of the project, any highlights, interesting details or tips from your experiences and attach your photos (the more the better). Be sure to give us an e-mail address, your name, and mailing address (to you a AcmeDIY hat).


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