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Roofing Projects for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Get on top of your roofing project in the Acme roofing section. Replacing your roof? What type of material is right for your home— asphalt, laminated fiberglass, slate, metal, wood, or tile? Which kind of covering affords you the most value, the look you want, and the best protection? We’ll give you the ins and outs regarding roof repair and replacement.

We can help you determine if you need a new roof, provide you with information about tools and techniques, and give you important safety tips. If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground than do-it-yourself, Acme is here to assist you in finding a roofing contractor. Take a look at the topic list to the left and read any articles that may be of help. You may have additional questions regarding materials, projects, surety bond cost or safety—whatever the case don’t hesitate to contact us via our client forum.

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