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Welcome to the flowers and plants section of Acme DIY's garden library. Whether you are a beginner or an avid enthusiast, we can help. In this section you can learn about planning and selecting plants for your garden. We will help you to choose the plants that meet your requirements. We also have articles on the care and maintenance of your garden. Also, take a look at our 'Creative Ideas' section for inspiration.

Planning a Garden -

Learn about making good choices when choosing flowers and plants. Plan where and when to make your garden.

Planting a Garden -

Learn the basics of planting a garden. Grow your own vegetables and herbs.

Maintaining a Garden -

This section includes topics such as watering, feeding, disease & pest control, pruning and more.

Creative Garden Ideas -

Get inspiration from others for your own garden.

For information on lawn care, irrigation, pest & weed control, refer to the main garden library menu.

If you are looking for help with planning a landscape, including patios, walkways, walls, raised planters, water features and more, visit the Landscape section.

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