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Hello, you’ve arrived at Acme’s threshold of information regarding the installation, replacement, and repair of doors. Interior or exterior, home or garage, hardwood or composite—we’re waiting to help you find answers, review your options, and make informed choices. Do you need to know how to hang a door, replace a lockset, or repair a facing? We can assist you with all of these tasks and much, much more.

Acme is dedicated to providing whatever you need, including helpful advice, clear and accurate do-it-yourself information, and professional options. To get started please click on our list of door topics located to your left or, if you don’t see what you need there, contact us through our forum where our friendly experts will answer your questions, providing you with the information you need. At Acme our door is always open; we’re here for you.

Deadbolt Locks


How To Choose a Deadbolt Lock

How To Install a New Deadbolt Lock

How To Replace a Deadbolt Lock

How To Rekey a Deadbolt Lock

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