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Interior Walls: Prep, Installation, Texture and Finishing

Welcome to Acme DIY.com’s pages on walls, which includes articles on repairing, framing, and finishing. You might be finally getting around to fixing that six-inch hole in the wall that’s been staring at you the past few months or maybe you’re about to begin a more complex job such as dry-walling an addition you’ve recently added. What sort of finish do you want, are you going to use plaster, how do you prep for painting? These are just a few of the questions that we can answer.

At Acme DIY.com we don’t want anything to get between you and the answers you need. To your left you’ll see numerous topics, which you may want to access; in these pages, articles on materials, tools, and projects await you. If you have a specific question or a unique challenge we haven’t dealt with in this section, please contact us through our forum and we’ll get right back to you. We can connect you with answers, help, and professional contractors. Whatever you need, Acme DIY.com is ready to assist you.

Drywall Mud - aka Joint Compound

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