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Acme DIY Reviews the MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

We are asked to review a lot of products. People come up with great ideas for a new tool they are sure everyone will want. Some of these great ideas result in niche tool whose purpose is so narrow that its hard to get excited about. Some ideas are good on paper but not in practice. Then a few products turn out to be a must have. When we were asked to review the MagnoGrip, we were slightly dubious about the value of the tool. Well, are we glad we tried it out! The MagnoGrip has turned out to be a surprisingly welcome addition to our toolbox.

Let's set up a scenario. You are working with your arms above your head, nailing a long strip of trim in place with small brad nails. This is one of those situations where your arms get fatigued, you struggle to hold the trim in place while you strain to reach another nail, or your mouth serves as your nail storage while you work. You get the picture. Enter the MagnoGrip. Wrap the wristband around your wrist and fasten the velcro strap. Toss a handful of brad nails on the magnet and get to work. The nails are convenient and secure on your wrist, no straining to reach a nail, no mouthful of nasty tasting nails. Keep one hand on your work and the other on your hammer and you are equipped with an easy supply of nails.

The MagnoGrip is a magnetic wristband. The heavy duty nylon band fastens with velcro and can accommodate wrists large or small. The magnet is strong enough to hold several ounces securely. In our test we put a dozen 8d nails on the band. Moving my hand around in a normal manner left all the nails in place. In fact, shaking my hand as though I hand hit my thumb with the hammer (I didn't, that never happens to me, and no one can prove otherwise) left all the nails securely in place. I also tried it with a short screwdriver and it held it pretty well too. Small things will hold fast, but if items get bigger than the magnet and more than a few ounces, items may slide around or drop off. But for our purposes it held onto things just fine. In order for something to be held by the MagnoGrip, it must be magnetic; this includes most nails, screws, nut and bolts.

We found the band to be comfortable although a bit scratchy at the edges. The inside of the band has a soft, breathable fabric, but the edge seams are heavy-duty nylon. The discomfort wasn't an issue for us, but possibly after extended use it could be annoying. All in all, we think this is a well designed, well made and useful tool and would be a good addition to your toolbox. MSRP $15.99

[March 2010]

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