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We regularly review tools and post the results here for you to read. Come back often to get the latest news and reviews. Below is a complete list of our tool reviews and the date each was published.

SOG S62 & S66 Multitool

We reviewed the SOG PowerAssist S66 and the PowerLock S62. Both stainless steel tools are stored in a heavy-duty nylon pouch with velcro closure and a sturdy belt clip. Both tools share the same...More

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

The MagnoGrip magnetic wristband is a handy tool that allows you to keep magnetic tools or fasteners as close as your wrist while freeing your hands to get your work done...More

General Tool "Heat Seeker" Infrared Thermometer IRT206

Heat Seeker

The Heat Seeker™ is an infrared thermometer that allows you to measure temperatures up close or at a distance. We tested the hand held device in a variety of applications and we'll share our findings....More

Duracell Daylite LED Flashlights

Duracell Daylite Flashlight
We recently had the opportunity to try out the newly introduced Daylite series of LED flashlights by Duracell. The new flashlight's big claim is to provide more light, and without the dark spots typically seen with other brands....More

Instant-Air Pneumatic Air Supply

Instant-Air Portable Air Supply
If you use pneumatic tools, you know what a hassle the compressor can be. It is heavy, bulky, noisy; a real pain if you have to move it around the jobsite. Plus, dragging out the compressor just to do a quick job, can make it not worth the trouble to use an air powered tool....More

ThumbSaver Nailing Tool

We recently had the opportunity to test the ThumbSaver Nailing Tool. This device is designed to hold a nail, screw or other metal fastener with one hand while driving it with the other. It keeps your fingers away from the fastener so that you never hit your fingers with a hammer again....More

LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm

We received a frog in the mail. Upon opening the box, two little eyes peered up at us, only this was no pet, it was a LeakFrog. LeakFrog is a useful gadget which sounds an alarm when and where water leaks occur.....More

Stanley Fat Max Laser Level

Stanley Laser Level
I've tried laser levels before and was disappointed with the results. That is why I am so pleased to have found this Stanley Laser Level. The problems people often complain about laser levels is that they are not bright enough and they are difficult to use with acceptable accuracy....More

Bosch 5412L Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Bosch 5412L Miter Saw
There is so much to like about this saw. Being true and accurate right out of the box is a great way to start. Upon setting this saw up, we immediately checked it for accuracy on bevels and miters and found it dead-on....More

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